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Guatemala Mission Work

In the last decade we have formed many special relationships with the beautiful people of Guatemala. While nearly 80 percent of indigenous people in Guatemala live in poverty, the country is rich in natural beauty and culture.

Learn about different aspects of our mission work below.


We work with Porch de Salomon in Panajachel to build small, concrete block homes for impoverished, indigenous families. No building experience is required!

e are sending a team of nine in January. If you are interested in future trips, please reach out. Spots fill up fast!
Language Learning

new opportunity developed this year to teach young students English in San Pablo. These kids are passionate about learning English to expand their opportunities. 

We are sending a team of eight in January. If you are interested in future trips, please reach out.
K-State Partnership

In 2022, we formed a partnership with the management information systems (MIS) program at Kansas State University. These students refurbish gently used Dell laptops for Porch de Salomon scholarship students. 

is year we will take 22 laptops with us on our trip! Three students will join us to conduct training sessions. 


Delete the Digital Divide

In Guatemala, over 50 percent of indigenous teenagers have not completed 3rd grade. Grinding poverty is the predominant cause. This is where the Porch de Salomon scholarships come in!


Even with many generous donors, only the top students receive laptops. Each year, those who are blessed with this gift reach new heights of success, getting them one step closer to a better life!


Will you help us delete the digital divide? A $100 donation will provide a laptop, a high quality and durable bag and some extra school supplies. Partial and team sponsorships are welcome too! 

Donations can be made via cash, check or online. Questions? Please reach out to Richie Chrest, our Financial Secretary (and mission trip alum), at

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