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If you would like something promoted to our congregation or our greater community, please submit an online form, linked below.

What is it?

A simple Google Form used to collect information about church events. It is designed to glean information you may otherwise forget to share, or may not have even thought about! Taking the time to answer each question thoughtfully makes all the difference in the promotion of your event. 

Who should use it?

Staff members, committees members, small group members, teachers, etc. Please note, it is not necessarily the responsibility of the committee chair/group leader to fill out the form. We recommend assigning the task to someone who excels in communication and is able to easily use Google Forms.

When should it be submitted?

For best results, please complete the form as soon as the details of your event have been decided. The sooner you submit it, the more we can do for you in terms of artwork, writing copy and communication channels.


The deadline to get information in our monthly newsletter is about two weeks before the last day of the month, depending on where the last day falls in the week. Email reminders of that deadline are sent to staff, committee chairs and group leaders. If you would like to receive those emails, please contact our Communications Director at


Please keep in mind, the newsletter isn't the only way to communicate and it isn't necessarily the best way either! Communication is shared in many other meaningful ways throughout the entire month.

Where can I access the form?

You can always access the form at the top of this page by going directly to If you forget the url, you can search "communication request" in the search bar on our website. You might also find it helpful to save it to your bookmarks. If you have additional questions, please contact our Communications Director, Taryn Sheppard, at

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