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Slip on your walking shoes, we’re introducing a new sermon series for the spring — Walking With Jesus! 


lace em' up!

Slip on your walking shoes, we’re introducing a new sermon series — Walking With Jesus! Each Sunday, Pastor Mitch will share sentiments from Mark, Matthew and Luke to help us navigate the journey.


We offer contemporary worship at 8:30 AM and traditional worship at 11:00 AM. Both services are available in the sanctuary and on Learn more on our worship page.

take stride


Throughout each week, we challenge you to continue your walk with Jesus, literally and figuratively. 


Step 1: Track your miles, Sunday through Saturday. (Beginning Sunday, April 25) Walk, bike, row, somersault — whatever it takes! You can use your phone, a fitness tracker, or go old school. 

Step 2: Report back during worship each week. You can jot them down on a slip of paper in the sanctuary, leave a comment on our live stream or contact our office ahead of time.


Our Goal: Collectively walk from Wamego to Jerusalem — a 6,626-mile journey! We pray that this process will benefit our physical, mental and spiritual lives in a big way.

let's celebrate


Once we've reached Jerusalem, we'll celebrate like the locals do! Join us for hummus, pita bread and sparkling grape juice on Sunday, May 23 in Fellowship Hall at 9:30 AM. Of course, we'll also have coffee available. (This is Wamego UMC after all.) This is also Graduation Sunday so we have much to celebrate!

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