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take your pastor...

This spring you can take your pastor...anywhere! Consider it an opportunity to choose your own adventure, get to know Pastor Mitch and help show him the ropes in the land of Oz. 


Booking your pastor

Pastor Mitch is looking to book adventures for April and May. (If his schedule fills up fast, we'll continue through June.) Just give him a call, text or email to set one up, let him know where you'd like to take him and together you can figure out the details.



Cellphone: 785-640-9900

choose your own adventure

As long as it doesn't involve snakes or heavy lifting, Mitch is most likely up for whatever adventure you have in mind. If you have friends you'd like to introduce Mitch to, he'd love that as well! Here are a few ideas to get you started: 


Take Your Pastor...

  • to lunch (dutch!)

  • skydiving

  • to a soccer game

  • coffee tasting

  • to your front porch

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