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Online giving isn't just for the tech-savvy crowd! We know most of you text and we want to make giving easy. That's why we've introduced Text to Give in our lineup of giving options. 



getting started

Text the dollar amount you'd like to donate to 855-936-2103. (With or without a $ sign). The first time you use this service, you will receive a registration link. After your initial donation, your text donations will process automatically.

giving campaigns

Donating to one of our current giving campaigns? Simply text the amount you'd like to donate to 855-936-2103 followed by a space, then the word "targeted" for a targeted giving donation or "general" for an annual pledge donation. Learn more about targeted giving and annual pledges at

We're here to help!

Questions, comments or concerns regarding giving at Wamego UMC? Please feel free to contact our Financial Secretary, Richie Chrest, at

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