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No-K Run

We will host our 2023 No-K Run on Saturday, December 2, 9 -11 a.m.


All are welcome to join us in Fellowship Hall at Wamego UMC for an all you can eat breakfast buffet — no exercise necessary!

How to Participate

We have already put in our t-shirt order but for a recommended donation of $10, you can fuel your 0.0 km run with pancakes, sausage links, homemade cinnamon rolls, breakfast casseroles, milk, juice and handcrafted coffee sourced locally in Guatemala.

All proceeds will benefit our Guatemala Mission Trip coming up in January of 2024! Donations can be made via cash, check or online. We will also have our card reader available at the event!

Guatemala Mission Trip

This year, we have two teams tackling different areas of need in Guatemala; language learning and construction!


A team of eight will spend time teaching young students English in San Pablo. These kids are passionate about learning English! Doing so will expand their opportunities, impact their families and their villages.


A team of nine will work with Porch de Salomon in Panajachel. Their primary focus will be building small, concrete block homes for impoverished, indigenous families.

Delete the Digital Divide

This year, three K-state students will join us on our Guatemala Mission Trip. They have refurbished 22 laptops to donate to Porch de Salomon scholarship students!


In Guatemala, over 50 percent of indigenous teenagers have not completed 3rd grade. Grinding poverty is the predominant cause. This is where the Porch de Salomon scholarships come in!


Even with many generous donors, only the top students receive laptops. Each year, those who are blessed with this gift reach new heights of success, getting them one step closer to a better life!


Will you help us delete the digital divide? A $100 donation will provide a refurbished Dell laptop, a high quality, durable laptop bag and some school supplies. Partial and team sponsorships are welcome too! 

Donations can be made via cash, check or online. Questions? Please reach out to Richie Chrest, our Financial Secretary, at

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