Our Committees

Scroll through to learn more about the many committees that keep our church running! If a committee interests you, contact our office so we can get you in touch with the committee chairperson!

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The Education Committee coordinates the education programs of our church such as Sunday school, adult classes, VBS and the Christmas program. 


Committee Chair: Ann Myers

Marriage Workshop

Family Life 

The Family Life Committee coordinates special events, dinners and activities for families.


Committee Chair: Janet Sylvester

Marriage Workshop


The Missions Committee coordinates hands-on service projects, raises money to help those in need and educates our congregation. 


Committee Chair: Sherry Wilson

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Membership Care 

The Membership Care Committee cares for members of our church by taking them meals in times of need, connects with new members and coordinates group dinners. 


Committee Chair: Deb Francis



The Technology Committee helps maintain and operate computers and media equipment for worship and other ministries. 


Committee Chair: Dave Williams

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The Worship Committee helps plan worship services. This group also trains and schedules liturgists, ushers and acolytes. 


Committee Chair: Michelle Long

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The Trustees protect and maintain the church property. 


Committee Chair: Dale Culbertson

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The Finance Committee oversees the financial operations of our church.  


Committee Chair: John Pryor

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Staff/Pastor Parish Relations

The SPPR supervises and supports our staff and pastor. 


Committee Chair: Duane Davis


Hospitality Team

The hospitality team provides hospitality to everyone who walks through our doors!  


Committee Chair: Dorothy McNinch